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TVS Tread have tied up with MICHELIN for retreading of their radial tyres tube / tubeless & follow "Recamic Retreading process". Michelin has certified 13 TVS Tread plants out of 20. We also do retreading for all other makes Non Michelin tyres tube / tubeless.


  • TVS TREAD - official partner in India for Repairs / Retreading with MICHELIN
  • MICHELIN - World no 1 in New tyres & Retreading.
  • TVS TREAD - India No 1 and Pioneer for Retreading.
  • RECAMIC - is the unique radial retread process technology developed by MICHELIN over years.
  • TVS TREAD plants use state of the art machinery,tested quality materials & the proven "RECAMIC" technology for radial tyres.


  • Perform similar to new Michelin tyres, even on Drive Axle.
  • Low per cost kilometer (CPK).
  • Multi position treads design means less inventory .
  • Lower fuel consumption for better savings.


  • High quality retreading standards and consistent performance
  • Michelin certified shops and retreading process High quality treads in Michelin factory only for use on Michelin casing.

Environment friendly

  • Saves raw material and reduce tyres at disposal
  • Due to low Racemic tread wear and less rubber, carbon emission is less (up to 25%).